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Website Optimization

网站优化 Airline SEO Website Optimization

One. Does your website have the following problems:

、为什么网站做得很漂亮,却没有人来访问? 1. Why is the website so beautiful, but no one comes to visit it?
、为什么网站有流量,却没有人下订单? 2. Why is there traffic on the website, but no one places an order?
、为什么砸了上万PPC费用,效果却不明显? 3. Why is the effect of tens of thousands of PPC costs not obvious?
、为什么网络品牌的知名度非常低? 4. Why is the popularity of online brands so low?


Because: Artists of general internet companies only need to design your website beautifully, and programmers only need to implement the functional requirements you need. But they don't understand website optimization, so the websites you make are all morbid websites .

Now you are about to get rid of these pains! : Give us a few months and you will find the changes that have changed dramatically :

、大幅度提升关键词搜索排名 1.Improve keyword search rankings significantly
、大幅度提升网站有效访问量 2.Improve effective website traffic
、大幅度提升网站订单成交率 3. Significantly increase the website order transaction rate
、大幅度降低网站推广的成本 4. Significantly reduce the cost of website promotion
、大幅度提升网络品牌知名度 5.Improve online brand awareness

two.What is search engine optimization ( SEO )

即搜索引擎优化,为近年来较为流行的网络营销方式,主要目的是增加特定关键字的曝光率以增加网站的能见度,进而增加销售的机会。 SEO: search engine optimization, which is a more popular online marketing method in recent years. The main purpose is to increase the visibility of specific keywords to increase the visibility of the website, thereby increasing the sales opportunities. Is a technology that can make a website occupy a favorable position on the search engine. Through the search engine optimization service provider's understanding of the search engine, and then perform user analysis, page optimization, and data control on the website to improve its search engine rankings, thereby increasing website traffic, and ultimately improving website sales or corporate brand awareness.

three.Why do corporate websites need SEO ?
The first source of site traffic is search engines. 的流量来自搜索引擎。 Search engines are by far the most important way for users to find information, products, and services. Nearly 90% of website traffic comes from search engines. Search engine optimization as a website promotion method has the best return on investment compared to other forms of online or offline marketing models;

four. 的市场前景 Baidu Fengchao plans SEO market prospects
条赞助商链接,原竞价客户全部移至右侧。 With the full implementation of Fengchao, Baidu will have three sponsor links on the left and top of the search results, and all original bidding customers will be moved to the right. 亿百度用户去改变和认可。 But the easiest thing in the Internet industry is to cultivate users ’online behavior habits, and the hardest thing is to change user behaviors. It is easy for new Internet users to accept the promotion information on the right as soon as they go online. 330 million Baidu users went to change and recognize. 市场! These changes of Baidu may have a great impact on the future promotion revenue, and may also promote a large-scale outbreak of optimization behaviors for Baidu, which will also have many companies competing in the SEO market!

Fives. 能为你带来什么? What can Hangou SEO bring to you?

在各大搜索引擎中综合提高您网站的排名,将您的竞争对手远远地甩在后头,将您的企业置身最具竞争力的位置,体现您公司品牌与实力。 1. Comprehensively improve your website ranking among major search engines, put your competitors far behind, place your business in the most competitive position, and reflect your company's brand and strength.
Customers generally believe that the company that ranks higher in the search results is stronger.

、提高您网站的流量,给您带来潜在的目标客户。 2. Increase your website traffic and bring you potential target customers.
Optimize your valuable core keywords and design attractive slogans for you.

、节省您的广告投入费用。 3 , save your advertising investment costs.
次,接照百度平均点击费用1元计算,您一个月需要投入1000元,一年需要投入12000元。 If you put a core keyword on Baidu, the number of clicks per month for that keyword is 1,000 . According to Baidu's average click cost of 1 yuan, you need to invest 1,000 yuan a month and 12,000 yuan a year. 次、平均点击一次的费用也远不止1次。 In fact, you have more than one core keyword, you have more than 1,000 clicks, and the average cost of one click is more than one . 以上的费用,并且,您是不需要为每次点击支付任何费用的,你也不需要再控制每天的推广预算,你的网站也将24小时在线。 In this process, Hangwang Technology can save you more than 90% of the cost, and you do not need to pay any fees for each click, you do not need to control the daily promotion budget, your website will also be 24 hours Online.

six.PPC竞价广告的区别 The difference between SEO and PPC auction ads

PPC 名称 SEO and PPC names

Keyword auction

搜索引擎优化 SEO search engine optimization


Ads provided by search engines themselves

Improved natural search ranking after web design

Billing method

Pay per click

Recurring charges (year)


Pay to show
Clear control of daily consumption
Flexible and better keywords at any time
Display by bid level

Organic search results
Cost is lower than bid
Building a corporate brand
Related auxiliary keywords have improved rankings
Good ranking stability


Easy to be maliciously clicked by opponents
More clicks consume more advertising costs
No ranking as soon as you stop renewing

Takes time to get a good natural ranking
Keyword position cannot be controlled in a specific position (normally at top10 )

点击率 CTR / CTR


90% on the first page
Second page 4.37%
Third page 2.42%

每次点击成本 CPC cost-per-click

More clicks, more expensive advertising

How much to click, the cost remains the same

Seven. 的服务 Airline SEO Services

、网站行业分析与竞争对手分析; 1. Analysis of website industry and analysis of competitors;
Mainly for website industry analysis, analysis of competitors.
、网站诊断; 2. Website diagnosis;
Based on a large amount of data analysis and industry indicators of the website, a series of problems on the website are summarized.
、关键词分析; 3 , keyword analysis;
Customize website keyword strategy (you can also provide core keywords), analyze website industry keywords, locate pages.
、网站优化策划; 4. Website optimization planning;
Customize the website's reasonable optimization plan based on years of summary indicators.
、实施或提供方案配合实施; 5. Implement or provide solutions to cooperate with implementation;
Directly implement or give training and cooperate with customer technology, editing, design and implementation.
、网站优化维护(长期维护); 6. Website optimization and maintenance (long-term maintenance);
Provide continuous long-term website optimization plan for long-term implementation by relevant personnel.
、网站定期评测。 7. Regular website evaluation.
Regularly analyze and provide reports on the effectiveness of the website after implementation.

Eight. 项目服务方案价格【参考表】 SEO project service plan price [reference table]

服务方案: SEO service plan:

Keyword competition


/关键词) Price (yuan / year / keyword)

Performance ranking (if bidding, push forward)


万以内 Keyword search results within 300,000


1,000 yuan
2000 yuan
元起 From 3000 RMB

Top ten
Top ten
Top ten


万至100Search results 300,000 to 1 million


2000 yuan
4000 yuan
元起 From 6000 RMB

Top ten
Top ten
Top ten


万至300Search results 1 million to 3 million


4000 yuan
5000 yuan
元起 From 8000 RMB

Top ten
Top ten
Top ten


万以上 Search results over 3 million


5000 yuan
6000 yuan
元起 From 10,000 RMB

Top ten
Top ten
Top ten

The following cases optimize the ranking case processing on the left:
)关键词热门或相关竞争性太高; A ) Keywords are hot or related are too competitive;
)要求指定排名位置; B ) request to specify the ranking position;
)客户其它的特殊要求,需要另行考虑左侧优化排名报价的。 C ) For other special requirements of customers, it is necessary to consider the left-side optimized ranking quotes separately.
我们 ) 详细评估计后确定。 Note: The above prices are for reference only. The final price shall be determined after detailed evaluation by us .



nine. 的优势 Advantages of Airline SEO

、专业: 1.Professional :
团队,他们具有成熟的网站优化经验,他们致力为用户提供高品质的优化服务,让您的搜索引擎营销计划变得更加成熟和完美。 Professional industry knowledge: We focus on Internet basic applications and search engine marketing services. We are the largest search engine marketing service provider in Shangrao. Hangwang Technology has rich experience and resources in search engine marketing. Professional team: We have a team Professional SEO team, they have mature website optimization experience, they are committed to providing users with high-quality optimization services, so that your search engine marketing plan becomes more mature and perfect.
、信赖: 2 , trust :
家,是国内知名的互联网应用、网络咨询服务和互联网软件开发商。 Hangwang Technology has been established for several years, has won numerous honorary titles, served more than 3,000 customers, and is a well-known domestic Internet application, network consulting service and Internet software developer.
、服务: 3.Service :
做最好的搜索引擎服务商的愿景,秉着为客户创造价值的经营理念,倡导使命、责任、诚信、超越、感恩的文化精神。 Hangwang Technology holds the vision of " being the best search engine service provider " , adhering to the business philosophy of " creating value for customers " and advocating the cultural spirit of " mission, responsibility, integrity, transcendence, gratitude " .
、价格: 4.Price :
市场,我们价格合理,效果保障 ,并且我们郑重无效果全额退款。 Hangwang Technology will always put the interests of customers first. Compared to the non-standard SEO market, we are " reasonable prices and effective results " , and we solemnly refund the full amount without effect.

Ten years of experience, a senior website construction partner-level technical team, a high degree of tacit cooperation and a thousand sets of website construction service experience, dedicated to serve you!
Ten years of industry experience in website construction services across the country. We have served thousands of companies to date, and have extensive experience in various types of website construction.
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